SCM Sigma 90 beam saw

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- base with tubular steel structure

- worktable in reinforced ribbed steel and bakelite coated

- rear part with tubular supports with wheels made of antiscratch material and with a     table (bakelite coated) positioned on the squaring fence side to facilitate crossways    cutting of thin strips

- steel saw blade carriage which includes;

- 1 motor for the main saw blade and 1 motor for scoring blade

- vertical saw blade rising on steel guides in hardened and ground steel,

  type THK

- sliding on two cylindrical guides in hardened and ground steel protected by a             special dust scraper

- sliding wheels in hardened and ground steel

- alignment and depth of the scoring blade with adjustment from the outside of the base

- mass balancing to guarantee perfect cutting finish

- stroke against the squaring fence

- pressure beam with even pressure on entire cutting length, pneumatic vertical     adjustment with precision racks and pinions, pressure adjustment from 2 to 6 bar

- double dust conveying system: one on the top applied directly to the pressure beam    to keep the working table clean and one on the bottom applied to the saw carriage

- mobile control panel located on the left side

- squaring fence located on the left side


max cutting length                                            3200mm

max cutting depth                                             3200mm

max cutting height                                            90mm

blade protection (main blade 300mm diam)       90mm

saw carriage speed (feed and return)                13 & 27m/min

max pusher speed                                            18m/min

main saw blade speed                                      3900rpm

scoring saw blade speed                                  6200rpm

main saw blade motor                                      7.5kw/10hp

scoring saw blade motor                                   0.55kw/0.75hp

main blade shaft diam                                       80mm

scoring blade shaft diam                                   55mm

3 extractor outlets diam, 2 of                             120mm

       1 of                             150mm


one front fixed bakelite air table                        2500 x 500mm

two front mobile bakelite air tables                    1500 x 500mm

side alignment device

CE European safety regulations



- monochromatic display 5"

- 32 key alpha numerical keyboard

- 2 axis control;

- saw carriage stroke

- pusher

- programming of dimensions for  longitudinal (Y) and cross (X)  positioning. Absolute and incremental positioning cycles.

- display during operations of the following parameters:

            - pusher axis measurement

            - programmed line

            - line in progress

            - carriage position

            - input/output debugger

- automatic, semi-automatic and manual functioning modes:

          - automatic or semi-automatic function in execution can be interrupted for any operation (saw blade change, machine shut-off, calibration,                     etc), starting again from the point where the machine was stopped.

 - semi-automatic functioning:

- setting of absolute quota and incremental quota with several repetitions

 possibility of setting a new programme line during the execution of the current one

- units of measurement ; mm and inches

- dynamic memory of 1000 lines

- copying programme in another programme

- receiving a list of cutting programmes through rs232 serial line

- carriage stroke programming for longitudinal cuts (Y positioning) and cross cuts (X    positioning)

- semi-automatic control of side aligner for both longitudinal and cross cuttings

- diagnostics by display of error codes for setting errors, command errors and    malfunctions

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