SCM M2 multi rip saw

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- Ribbed steel base structure which enables processing of large boards
- Feed track direct driven through cast iron spheroidal track links
- Low friction slideways (1 square and 1 round section for straightness of cut)
- Automatic lubrication of feed track varying with feed speed
- Self-centring saw blade sleeve complete with rings of varying thickness and 95 mm
diameter flanges
- Pressure system enabling precise cutting made up of 2 steel rollers and wooden
pressure shoes in front of the blades and 2 steel rollers behind blades
- N 4 anti-kickback and non-return barriers for operator safety
- N 2 blade position indicators for cutting reference
- Electric cabinet with padlockable main switch and overload switch protection
- Low tension auxiliary circuit
- Front and rear Emergency Stop switch
- Safety microswitch on blade access door
- Automatic Star Delta Start of blades
- Inching feed push-button for feed track
- Amp meter for checking power consumption
- Service kit for use and maintenance
- Friction on feed variable for safety if accidental feed track stopping
- Large and robust cast iron monoblock cylinder allowing by eccentric movement the use
of different diameter blades
- Main saw blade shaft mounted on 4 ball bearings for maximum rigidity


Technical specifications:
Maximum width of blade pack 200 mm
Width of feed track 220 mm
Max cutting height with 95 mm flange and 300 mm diameter blade 100 mm
Max cutting height with 95 mm flange and 350 mm diameter blade 120 mm
Maximum blade diameter 350 mm
Minimum blade diameter 200 mm

Minimum cutting length 350 mm
Diameter of saw blade sleeve (blade bore) 70 mm
Dimensions of the spanners on the saw blade sleeve 20 X 5 mm
Blade rotation speed 3,600 RPM
Feed speed of continuously adjustable feed track 6-48 m/min
Height of work table from floor 750 mm
Worktable dimensions 1,640 X 900 mm
Diameter of Exhaust air outlets 180 mm
Volume of exhaust air at 25 m/sec 2,000 cu.m/hr

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