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General features:

- Heavy duty monobloc base made of ribbed tubular sectioned steel
- Simultaneous adjustment of feeding system and top horizontal spindle for prompt and
easy setting up
- Feeding system with direct transmission, automatic quick shut-down brake, manual
vertical adjustment
- Tubular sectioned steel infeed table
- Infeed fence for right hand pre-straightening with reference engraver on planing
- Vertical and horizontal micro-metric adjustment of working groups can be set from the
front of the machine using Vernier scale
- Numerical indicators with decimal read-out of working height and width
- Left vertical spindle with front presser and out-feed fence simultaneously
adjustable for prompt and easy setting up
- "Set-up" rapid setting system of tool diameter, complete with numerical read-out for
left vertical head
- Idle bottom roller on out-feed table
- Hardened steel toothed feed rollers
- Hood type protection guard for operating and feeding groups, coated with sound-proof material with internal light and safety microswitch
- Electrical controls with overload protection on all motors
- Padlockable main switch
- Emergency shut-down push button
- Selector for jog forward feed movement
- Auxiliary low voltage circuit
- Standard tool kit
- 150 mm reference engraver 125 mm diameter surface planer


Maximum working width (finished section) 230 mm*
Minimum working width (finished section) 23 mm
Maximum working thickness (finished section) 125 mm
Minimum working thickness (finished section) 6 mm**
Feed speed 6-12 m/min
Spindle speed 6,000 RPM
Spindle diameter 40 mm
Vertical spindle length 140 mm
Horizontal spindle length 253 mm
Axial adjustment of vertical spindles in
relation to table 0-25 mm
Axial adjustment of planer spindle 0-15 mm
Min/max diameter of profiling tools on
vertical spindles 180 mm
Min/max diameter of profiling tools on top
horizontal spindle 100/180 mm
Min/max diameter of tools on bottom horizontal spindle 120/140 mm


4 heads, 230 x 125mm max, 2m straightening table, 2 speed feed, set of cutterblocks, table lubrication, full moulding package with quick "SCM set-up" system. Preset 25 moulding tool measuring device

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