Omec 750CN automatic dovetailing machine

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The Omec 750CN CNC dovetailing machine - a variable-pitch machine designed with the aim of giving versatility. The milling cutter can be used to manufacture joints of different heights. Male and female pieces can be machined separately and at the same time. 8 pneumatic clamps as standard. The CNC system is designed to allow the user to vary the pitch, number and depth of joints as well as cutting speed, feed speed and tool variation.


Motor 3.2 kW
Working pressure 0.7 mp
No spindles 1
Speed 18000rpm
Centre to Centre indents Variable or fixed
Machine Weight 360Kg
drawer production 60/hr
Overall dimension 118x80x122  cm
Minimum dimension of work piece 200 x 60mm
Maximum dimension of work piece 1500 x 530mm

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  • Omec 750CN automatic dovetailing machine (Product Ref:Omec750cn)