Morbidelli m100 3110 x 1320mm CNC router / driller

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Available in various bed sizes and with a flat or "beam and pod" table this machine covers all the options;

It answers all the problems associated with woodworking and with advanced materials processing.
The latest software means just a few click to design and manufacture pieces of any shape, the machine is run by the SCM Suite Maestro software which has specific modules for every production cycle.
Unique on the market in having an unrivalled price-performance ratio, it can be configured according to the customer’s needs and investment plan.


Technical data

    m100 m200
Working areas
X-Y axes dimensions mm 3110x1320
Vectorial speed X-Y axes m/min 56 (ProSpace)
78 (ProSpeed)
56 (ProSpace)
78 (ProSpeed)
Z axis panel passage mm 180 250
Routing unit
Motor power (max.) kW (hp) 15 (20,5) 15 (20,5)
Rotation speed (max.) rpm 24000 24000
Available tools on tool changer (max.) places 44 60
Drilling unit
Independent vertical spindles (max.) n. 21 21
Independent horizontal spindles (max.) n. 12 12
Rotation speed (max.) rpm 8000 8000
Integrated blade in X, diameter mm 125 125
0-90° blade unit
Motor power (max.) kW (hp) 2,2 (3) 2,2 (3)
Rotation speed (max.) rpm 6000 6000
Auxiliary routing unit 
Motor power (max.) kW (hp) 4,5 (6) 4,5 (6)
Rotation speed (max.) rpm 18000 18000

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  • Morbidelli m100 3110 x 1320mm CNC router / driller (Product Ref:M100)