Columbus Combitherm membrane vacuum press

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2920 x 1320mm inside frame
COMBITHERM is a compact built, space-saving, combined thermo heating and forming unit. The combination of a thermo heating oven with a vacuum press enables you to heat up various thermoforming materials fast to their optimal forming temperature and then form them with vacuum in one machine.
COMBITHERM is ideal for heating and forming solid surface materials such as: HI-MACS, AVONITE, CORIAN, STARON, VARICOR, GETACORE, WILSONART, PLEXICOR, MARLAN, KERROCK, etc.
COMBITHERM is ideal for heating and forming all other thermoforming materials such as: ABS, PC (Makrolon), PMMA (Plexiglas), PET-G (Vivak), PS, PP, PVC, etc.
COMBITHERM is of course a vacuum press for: veneering, coating, laminating and pressing
COMBITHERM is easy to use. The innovative circulating hot air system heats thermoforming materials in various thicknesses and qualities evenly. This generates a very gentle and unproblematic heating up procedure. The vacuum press operates with the sophisticated technology designed by Columbus! 


Vacuum Membrane:

  • construction: vacuum-sealed inside the membrane frame 
  • material: highly elastic, robust, and durable silicon membrane 
  • manual stress: 18 N/mm², 700 % elongation at break point, highly wear-resistant 
  • thermal stress: - 40 °C to maximal + 220 °C

Production capacity:

  • heating and Forming: according to the manufacturer's instructions of the material
  • vacuum layer-gluing: 10 min. to 4 h, depending on shape of the work piece and material/glue used
  • vacuum form-veneering: between 10 and 30 min., depending on shape and type of glue used 


Heating oven

  • size drawer: ca. 2600 x 1200 mm
  • material thickness: 0 - 70 mm
  • heating power: 16 KW, 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 32 Amp.
  • pull-out operation of the working surface, pattern 30 x 30 mm
  • variable temperature setting +230 °C
  • eletronic temperature control
  • exact temperature distribution to the entire heating surface through Columbus CHS unique hot air heating system
  • energy saving through low power input and tight closing lid

Forming station

  • size inside frame: ca. 2920 x 1320 mm
  • rotary vane vacuum pump VT 4.25, vacuum pressure to max. 9 t/m², nominal displacement: 25 m³/h 
  • silicon membrane (max. +220 °C)
  • optimal pressing with a pressure of 9 t/m² also on large scale work pieces
  • evenly applied pressure on all sides of the work piece
  • simple and reliable opening / closing mechanism
  • vacuum pressure regulator (variable pressure setting)
Overall dimensions: ca. 3400 x 1750 x 1100 mm

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