SCM SUPERSET XL 5 head moulder

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Machine bed
The machine bed is of thick steel with strongly ribbed structure and tubular supporting base. The sturdyness and weight of base reduces vibrations to a minimum as well as guaranteeing life-long constant high quality performance.

The infeed worktable of tubular steel has a parallelogram system vertical adjustment, complete with hardened insert placed before the planer spindle. Worktables are of hardwearing special cast iron with low friction coefficient and are equipped with mobile inserts in front of the vertical spindles.

Width of the right infeed fence is adjusted by a parallelogram system device and pre-straightening is carried out by a reference engraver (tool excluded) on planer spindle.
The right fences have easily adjustable sectors for correct positioning according to tools to be used.

The toolholder spindles have a hardened surface to avoid wear and are fitted with a pair of bearings on the front part of the spindle. The 120 mm. diameter steel spindle cylinder ensures maximum stiffness and precision even during heavy duty machining.

Feed system
The beam which supports feed system is of a tubular ribbed structure. Vertical powered lifting of the beam is combined with that of the top horizontal spindle. Feed rollers are driven by a set of hardened gears with oil bath lubrication (rear end) and universal joints, guaranteeing maximum reliability and constant feed even during heavy duty machining.
The feed rollers are pneumatically pressurized with triple circuit control (before planer, between planer and top horizontal spindle and after top horizontal spindle) enabling optimal feed in accordance with the workpiece to be processed..
Feed speed is continuously adjustable from work station through stepless speed change gear. A powered roller on the outfeed table further improves feed when dealing with particular operations.
Spindles and feed rollers are of steel with hardened chromed surfaces.

Positioning of head units
The adjustment of head units is controlled from the front of the machine with mechanical decimal readout of position.
The readout of workpiece section is done by mechanical decimal indicators placed on the front of the machine.

"SET UP" quick setting-up system
This is a patented unique SCM system which ensures maximum rapidity and simplicity in setting-up when tools are required to be changed.
All toolholder spindles are fitted with "SET UP", the quick setting-up system which enables the machine to be set in only one movement; just set the minimum diameter of tool (when dealing with a top horizontal spindle) and tool, working thickness, front and rear pressers and feed rollers are simultaneously adjusted.

All the controls are placed on the front of the machine in an optimal position for easy access and use.
The integral safety enclosure reduces noise and dust, guaranteeing a full view of the machine at the same time.


5 Heads Bottom, right, left, top, bottom, all 7.5hp

2.5m infeed table
- Min. working width capacity (finished section) 25 mm *
- Max. working width capacity (finished section) 230 mm **
- Min. workpiece thickness (finished section) 6 mm
- Max. workpiece thickness (finished section) 120 mm ***
- Min. length of single workpiece 620 mm ****
- Feed speed 5÷25 m/min

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