SCM Si300S 1.6m panel saw

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Sliding table panel saw; scorer / tilt to 45 degrees


Squaring capacity 

Scoring saw and 1600 sliding carriage: 1600x2600 mm
cutting width on rip fence: 1500 mm
Net weight of standard machine: 570 kg

Max. diam. main blade: 315  mm
Max. diam. scoring saw blade: 120 mm
Main blade spindle diam.: 30 mm
Scoring saw blade spindle diam.: 20 mm
Max. cutting height at 90° : 100  mm
Max. cutting height at 45° : 70 mm
Main blade speed: 4000 (3700) r.p.m.
Scoring saw blade speed: 8500 r.p.m.

Motor power 
Main blade motor power Hz 50: 4 (5,5) KW (Hp)
Scoring saw blade motor power Hz 50: 0,75 (1) KW (Hp)

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  • SCM Si300S 1.6m panel saw (Product Ref:7964)
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