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Hot melt edgebander; glue pot / guillotine /cut off saws / 2mm radius trimmer motors / 2mm radius scrapers / buffer mops.


Base structure made of high rigidity tubular steel to guarantee an excellent support for the operating units and the feed
Control panel on presser infeed


- feed track made of pads coated with high friction rubber fixed on an
industrial chain.
The track runs on two cylindrical guideways (in ground and hardened
steel), one round and one flat, to ensure straightness of movement and
resistance to side loads
- top steel presser fixed on two solid columns complete with two rows of
rubber coated wheels
- manual adjustment of top presser with automatic positioning of the
operating groups according to the panel thickness
- mechanical digital indicator of the selected panel thickness

The machine is complete with:
- infeed and outfeed emergency pushbuttons
- centralized dust extraction
- support rollers which can be extended according to the panel dimensions
- safety protection of the edge loading area and safety enclosure of the
- padlockable main switch and overload motor protection

The operating groups installed in the different compositions are indicated in the attached schemes



quick heating glue pot (for hot-melt glue) internally teflon-coated to allow an easy and quick glue replacement
- heated glue spreading roller
- digital thermostat to control the temperature of the applied glue
- device for the automatic recovery of unused glue
- shear device for rolled edges with maximum thickness of 3 mm
- 1+2 edge pressure rollers with pneumatic independent adjustment. The first
roller is powered and with clutch unit, the second and the third have
counterposed conicity to guarantee a perfect adhesion to the applied edge
- automatic edge loading system for strips and rolled edges with coil holder plate with 750 mm diameter for
- automatic lowering of the glue pot temperature after a temporary non-use
of the machine
- pressure rollers adjustment outside the safety cabinet

END CUTTING UNIT with two independent high frequency motors for the
trimming of the front and rear exceeding edge.
Tiltable motors with manual adjustment from 0 to 15 degrees without utilizing any type of spanners. It can process also post/soft formed panels.
High precision and reliability of end cutting unit thanks to the sliding
Each operating motor is equipped with copying device for an accurate positioning of cutters with reference to the cutting point.
Pair of cutters included

Manually tilting between 0 and 10°.
It is equipped with two independent high frequency motors mounted on a support and strongly fixed to the unit base frame to carry out the
trimming of the top and bottom exceeding edge.
Vertical and horizontal sliding of motors on hardened and grounded bars with recirculation ball bushings.
Each motor is equipped with vertical rotating copying devices and frontal copying pads with ground and chromed "half-moon" contact surface, for an accurate positioning of tools with reference to the trimming.
Two working positions with manual adjustment and revolver with 4 stops
The unit is complete with brazewelded straight or radial cutters depending on the chosen composition

EDGE SCRAPING UNIT for the finishing of 3 mm PVC/ABS edges.
It assures an excellent vibrations free finish thanks to its high
rigidity structure.
High working precision thanks to the front copying pads (with chromium plated surfaces) and rotating vertical pads which assure an accurate positioning of the knives in relation to the cutting point. The unit is complete with 2 mechanical digital readouts and 2 nonius to make easier the adjustment of the front copying pads and cutters.
Pair of knives included (R=3mm)

BRUSHING UNIT with two independent motors for the cleaning and polishing of the edge:
- tiltable motors to optimize the cleaning/polishing action


- working height during trimming 8-55 mm
- thickness for edges in strips 0,4-5 mm
- thickness for rolled edges 0,4-3 mm
- max. exceeding material to the panel thickness 4 (2+2)
- min.edge length with 3 mm rolled edges 250 mm
- minim. PANEL width with rolled edges 65 mm
- minim. PANEL length with rolled edges 140 mm
(minimum width 200 mm)
- Distance between two succesive panels 500 mm

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