BIESSE Elix 900 K1 CNC drilling / inserting machine (2014)

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Biesse ELIX 900 K1 with one horizontal head for boring / gluing / inserting
Machine fitted with additional vertical drill for cam fitting hole boring.


The ELIX machine allows to perform boring operations, glue injection and dowel insertion on
horizontal panels.
The machine is composed of:
- selection of working references (Rh or Lh panel) programmable by NC
- X axis assembled on preloaded ball guides and carriage movement with Brushless motor through
ground ball screws .
- automatic tool offset selection for inserting performances and general operations on the Rh and Lh
- easy and intuitive software interface.
Main technical specifications:
X axis:
stroke: 900 mm
assembled couple: 2,4 Nm
head movement speed: 50m/min
Z axis (manual adjustment):
stroke: 40 mm
Boring unit:
Nr. of boring units: 1
bit rotation speed: 6000 rpm
max. bores depth: 30 mm
max. bits diameter: 12 mm
manual adjustment of the boring depth with digital indication (siko)
Dowel insertion unit:
Nr. of dowel insertion units: 1
standard dowel dimensions: ø 8x30
max. dowel projection: 14 mm
dowel unloading system with vertical pneumatic cylinder
distance between boring bit and glue/dowel insertion unit: 64 mm
Glue system
glue tank capacity: 8 Lt
max. glue density: 900 cps
glue electronic proportioning
glue injector equipped with sensor
Panel standard dimensions:
max. width: 900 mm
thickness: 10-40 mm
min. depth: 120 mm
Numerical Control:
Numerical Control on Personal Computer.
Main technical specifications:
512 MB RAM memory
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CD & HD 80 GB
USB port
keyboard + mouse
Windows XP PRO
Ethernet card
Serial line for barcode connection
User-friendly interface:
2D ½ graphic programming with contemporaneous visualization of machining
Graphic menu for the selection of macro-machining: boring, boring + gluing + dowel
insertion, gluing + dowel insertion
Parametric programming
Graphic supports
Pre-planned executive lists, run-time, structured in items
Inner autodiagnosis, report for emergency signals
General specifications:
Voltage: 400V 3PH+N
Power supply: 24V
Air pressure: 7 bar
Net weight: 900 kg
EC regulations
7200059 1
Vertical boring unit
- Nr. of boring units: 1
- bit rotation speed: 4500 rpm
- max. bores depth: 40 mm
- max. bits diameter: 25 mm
- manual adjustment from the edge to the centre of the bit: 0-40 mm
- manual adjustment of the boring depth.
The vertical boring spindle has the same working field of the horizontal spindle.
By adding the Z axis (programmable by NC), the adjustment of the boring depth is done through the
Z axis.
7510011 1
Manual reading laser device for barcode labels.
Wi-Fi connection to the machine NC.

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  • BIESSE Elix 900 K1 CNC drilling / inserting machine (2014)